Rules & Info 2024

General Rules

  • Be respectful to everyone!
  • If you have any issues, please use the outlets provided
    • Message Glacius and/or OldLady.
    • Non-StarCraft channel. 
    • Suggestion channel.
    • Surveys or polls (when active)
  •  SC2 Pulse Must be posted in the discord under “Welcome – honesty check” If you have more than one account, you MUST submit your highest MMR account.
  •  Have fun. The reason I created this league was to provide a community where people of all skill levels could come together and help each other improve and have fun together.

We offer four divisions to ensure the best games possible. Each division has different requirements using the MMR below regardless of what server your account is from. The required ranked games are over the last 60 days, not Blizzard season. We use a 30 day depth average MMR, you can find your average MMR on SC2 Pulse

Initiate (B-P)

Average MMR = < 3120

Ranked games played = 20 (Unless you’re using an off-race, than 30 games are required.)

Veteran (D3-D2)

Average MMR = < 3867

Ranked games played = 30 

Prestige (D1-M2)

Average MMR = < 4671

Ranked games played = 40

Elite (M1-GM)

No requirements.

Exceptions maybe implemented
  • If you are a new player wanting to play in the Initiate division and haven’t played the required amount of games, you may ask Glacius for an exception.
  •  You are ALLOWED to play a division above your MMR range if you’re up for it. 


  • Whatever race you register with you MUST play that race every game.
  • If you’re using a off-race to play in a LOWER bracket than your main race, you must meet these requirements.
    • You may not jump more than one rank than your main race. (Example: your main is Diamond 1, you can off-race in Diamond 2, but not in Diamond 3.)
    • Off-race must have never been in a upper league.
    • Random is NOT ALLOWED to play in a lower tier than your main race.



  • You must join the in-game chat AMATEUR on the NA server, this can be done by typing the command /join Amateur. If you’re having trouble joining Amateur, please join Amateur2.


  •  If you or your opponent gets disconnected, please contact GLACIUS right away.
  • Try to restart match from the replay.
  • If that does not work restart your match.
  • If you cannot start the match over within 10 minutes the player that got disconnected loses.


  • Only the current ladder map pool is allowed.
  • Map veto starts with the player with the lower MMR, then the higher MMR player chooses (L, H, L ,H).
  • Map selection works the same as veto. Start with the lower MMR player (If a Bo1 lower has the only selection), then the higher MMR chooses (L, H, L, H).


  • You are NOT allowed to pause the game unless you have a valid reason, examples of this are mouse or keyboard issues.


  •  Our league runs on the NA server, you MUST start there.
  • If you or your opponent want to switch the server for your match it is ok ONLY if you both agree. If you can’t agree the match must be played on NA. After your series you must return to the NA server.


  • If you and your opponent can’t finish the match, and can’t agree on a winner (could be the player with the higher army supply) please quit right away and restart your match right away.
  • Please message Glacius to inform him of the situation.


  • After Glacius has offically started the tournament a 10 minute walkover timer will start.
  • If you or your opponent does not show up without messaging your opponent and Glacius it will result in a WALKOVER.
  • This 10 minute timer happens every round of the tournament. 

Other Information


  • When available, if a caster asks to join your party to cast your match, please invite them so we can have as much coverage of the tournament as possible. 
  • Please make the game with the WCS gameheart mod if your game is being casted.


  • At the start of every season everyone’s points are reset to 0.
  • Each tournament the top 8 players in each bracket are rewarded points.
  • 1st – 100, 2nd – 50, 3rd – 25, 4th – 10, 5th-8th – 5, 9th + – 0.


  • If your AVG MMR becomes too high in the LAST 4 weeks of the 12 week season, you are allowed to finish that season in that bracket. This includes the seasonal Major Tournament, but you will not be able to play in the Year-End Grand Final Tournament unless it is season 4.
  • If you get promoted and are unable to keep that rank, you are allowed to continue to play at your current AVG MMR rank.


  1. Click on Tournament Registration menu, than click your division link.
  2. Once on the challonge page, click the register button, answer the questions. (Registration closes 5 minutes before start time)
  3. In order to play you must CHECK IN during the two hour window before the tournament begins. To do this, go to the Challonge Bracket page (not the Registration page) for your tournament: there should be a check in button on that page. If you do not check in before tournament start you will be automatically removed by Challonge.
  4. All set! Any issues please message Glacius and/or OldLady.

Season format

  • 4 seasons a year (12 weeks a season).
  • Seasonal Major Tournament after each season.
    • (Invite only, top 8 players for each division. Winners lock a spot in the Grand Finals.)
  • Season 1 – January – March. (This could change year to year)
  • Season 2 – April – June.
  • Season 3 – June – September.
  • Season 4 – September – December.
  • Year-End Grand Final Tournament – December. (Currently our only paid event)
    • (Invite only, All the Major Tournament winners, the remaining spots go to the players with the most points over the entire year.)


  • Most Amateur League points.
  • If players are TIED for a spot
    • The player with the most tournaments played wins the top spot.
    • (If still tied) The player who played in the earliest tournament that season wins. (Example – P1 played in week 1, P2 played in week 8, P1 wins.)
    • (If still tied) Highest MMR player wins.

Time Zone

  • The Amateur League Tournament uses US Central time zone (CDT, CST) 

Tournament Format

Weekly & Monthly

  • Double-elimination.
  • Bo3 rounds, Bo3 Semi, Bo5 Finals.
  • Loser bracket Bo1, L Final Bo1.

Major Tournaments

  • Single-elimination.
  • Bo3 rounds, Bo5 Semi, Bo7 Finals.


  • Weekly – Three Sunday’s a month @ 12PM (US Central – CDT, CST)
  • Monthly – One Saturday a month @ 8PM (US Central – CDT, CST)
  • Seasonal Major Tournament – At the end of every season (4 seasons a year) we have a invitational Super Tournament for the top 8 players in each bracket. The winner of each bracket locks in a spot to the Year-End Super Tournament (Currently the only tournament with a cash prize).
  • Year-End Grand Final Tournament – Each of the season’s winners and the remaining spots go to the players who have allocated the most points over the year. Cash is the prize in this final tournament of the year.
  • Special Events – These can be any type of game, from team games to free for all’s, keep an eye out in discord.